Wineot Podcast




I made the visual for Wineot Podcast, a romanian podcast started by a friend of mine and a local folk singer.
In short, Wineot is a podcast about anything. Their guests drink wine while they answer questions from Simina and Cosmin. For listeners, it’s like having a glass of wine at the same time with them. And many do.

Thank you!

Roxana’s illustration for our podcast identity was inspired from some of our profile pictures, which was great because that’s the place where we look like our best selves… and she made them even better! The design helped us get a lot of reach on social media, and we keep using elements from it every now and then to promote episodes or post something that is funny according to our standards. We can’t thank her enough for her work, her involvement and the fact that she believed in our project so much that she gave it an identity.

Simina Ignat

Podcaster , Wineot

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