Ladies, Wine and Design 08




As a participant to a former edition of Ladies, Wine and Design in Iasi, I volunteered to design one of the future invitations. For this particular one, the meetup’s subject was Research & Inspiration, in which they discussed about what inspires them and what aids them in the research process. The participants came from various creative domains, from architecture to design, from writing to entrepreneurship.

In order to illustrate the subject, I took a moment and thought about my own creative process and what it involves. For one, research because I care about understanding each project I take on and coming up with the clearest and most effective visual solution. My approach is to draw a mind map. In its center, I put the main key words, in this case “Research & Inspiration”, from which I diverge ideas – either in words or images. When you structure the information visually, it’s a lot easier to find the solution for the project.With the help of the mind map, I then build a mood board, a collection of images that convey the feel and style of the illustration. And this is where it hit me. Why not illustrate a creative person pondering in front of a mood board, in the middle of the creative process? When you are about to make connections between your ideas and come up with something new and exciting.

Thank you!

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