App Idea for Yonder Contest




TSS-Yonder organized an app idea competition with the purpose of promoting culture in Iasi. The main setting was created by the opportunity of becoming Iasi – Capital of Culture in 2021. I participated at this competition with a friend. From discussions, we realized that while it is important to promote culture in various ways, naturally encouraging people to discover their taste in culture was a better approach. We also identified an issue: the fact that many people tend to forget about cultural events due to noise on social media platforms. We thought, a person using an app for cultural events means that they are connected to the most relevant events for them.

This app works on 2 ways:

  • from the participant POV, able to curate the cultural events he is most interested in, adding them to a personal calendar, receiving notifications and then rating the events they participated in.
  • from the event organizer POV, able to promote their cultural events directly to a wide group of their audience and receiving feedback that can help them better organize them or finding meaningful solutions for the participants.
  • Further on, some images show how a participant might use the app.

Thank you!